(a) The Member agrees to cultivate the allotment garden plot in such a manner as shall preserve its fertility, keep it tidy and free from weeds and rubbish and maintain it in a state of cultivation to the satisfaction of the Association.


If the plot is left uncultivated this may lead to a termination of the tenancy as set out in the Tenancy Agreement and in the following manner:


i. The Association will first write to the tenant giving him 28 days notice to improve it or risk the tenancy being terminated and inviting him to offer reasons for the condition of his plot.

ii. The tenant may appeal in writing to the Association Secretary within 14 days of the date of the warning letter. The Association may in exceptional circumstances extend the period allowed for the plot to be brought up to standard.

iii. At the end of the notice period if, in the view of the Association Committee, the plot is not up to a reasonable standard the tenancy will be terminated.

iv. As a guide to what constitutes a reasonable standard the Association consider that 50% of the plot should be properly cultivated by the end of the first year of a tenancy and 75% by the end of the second year.


(b) The Member agrees:


i. To use the allotment garden plot for the private and non-commercial cultivation of primarily vegetables and fruit.

ii. To use the allotment garden plot in a responsible manner and to take such precautions as will prevent any annoyance of or disturbance to tenants of adjoining allotment gardens or the owners or residents of adjacent houses.

iii. To keep that portion of the allotment garden path and any roadway that is adjacent to the allotment garden free of any obstruction, and to cut the grass and trim back the blackberries or other hedges. All existing ditches must be kept properly cleansed.

iv. To permit any officer of the Association or any person permitted by the Association to enter upon the Allotment garden at all reasonable times for he purpose of inspecting same.

v. To obtain mains water only by the use of the dip tanks and attended hand held hoses. Sprinklers may not be used.

vi. To take care to avoid annoyance to other users and neighbours when having a bonfire.




(a) The Member agrees not to erect any fence, shed or other structure (other than those already on the site on 1 January 2009) on or near the allotment garden without the approval of the Association and subject to its Rules, and if requested by the Association at the termination of the tenancy, to remove any such structure without cost to the Association.

(b) The RBK Corporation guidelines on the erection of structures (attached) form part of the Allotment Rules.


The Association gives its general approval to the erection of any shed/greenhouse providing it is in accordance with these guidelines and that it does not in any way obstruct or cause detriment to members on neighbouring plots or to the Association in pursuance of their general site maintenance responsibilities. 


Any such structure must not cross any path between allotment plots, even if the member has a tenancy of each plot.  In any event, the structure must be sited at least 300mm (1ft) from any adjacent path.


(c) Where there is any dispute between plotholders in relation to this Rule the Committee's decision will be final. The Association has the power to require a member to move or dismantle a building if these Rules are not complied with.




(a) The Member agrees not to cut or prune trees or hedges which are on communal areas of the site or which form the perimeter of the allotment site and which do not cover part of their plot without the written approval of the Association. Trees which have a tree preservation order must not be touched under any circumstances.


(b) The Association gives general approval to members to cut down or prune trees which have grown up on their plot and which are impeding their ability to cultivate their plot for its intended purpose. Where members are in any doubt about their rights in this respect they must apply in writing to the Association Secretary.



The Member agrees:


(a) Not to keep livestock or bees on their plots without the written approval of the Association. The Association will consider any requests of this kind on a case by case basis and before reaching a decision will consult any other members who in their view might be affected.


(b) Not to bring any dogs onto the allotment site unless they are kept on a lead or properly tethered at all times. Dogs must not be left unattended on the site.




Children are welcome on the allotments but must be carefully supervised by a responsible adult at all times.




(a) The Member agrees:

i. To gain access to the allotment site by the authorised means only and not to make any other means of access to or exit from the allotment site without the written permission of the Association.

ii. To keep locked all access gates to the allotment site except on entry or exit.

iii. To observe or perform any other conditions which the Association may from time to time approve or consider necessary for preserving the allotment site from deterioration and of which notice to the tenant is given in accordance with this agreement.


(b) The Member agrees:

i. Not to erect or display any advertisement of any kind on or near the allotment garden or anywhere else on the allotment site.

ii. Not to assign sub-let or part with the possession of the allotment garden or any part of it.

iii. Not to use barbed wire anywhere on the allotment site.

iv. Not to take, sell, carry away or permit to be taken, sold or carried away any timber, mineral, gravel, sand, clay, turf or soil.

v. Not to store anywhere on the allotment garden or site any explosives, large quantities of inflammable material or liquids or any other noxious substances.

vi. Not to carry out any work or alternation to any part of any water, electrical or gas installations on the allotment site without the written permission of the Association.